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ma baker vegan flapjacks mixed berry

Tasty, giant flapjacks available in 27 different flavours.

Handmade in our own bakery with natural ingredients.

Perfect for on-the-go snacks, breakfasts & outdoor activities!

ma baker mixed fruit vegan flapjack snack bars
small pack shot of ma baker blueberry flapjack snack bar
a small pack shot of ma baker cranberry flapjack snack bar
small pack shot of ma baker strawberry vegan flapjack snack bar
ma baker vegan cherry flapjack
ma baker apricot flapjack small
ma baker vegan apple flapjack
ma baker vegan walnut flapjack small
ma baker giant vegan almond flapjack
ma baker vegan peanut butter flapjack
ma baker hazelnut flapjack small
ma baker vegan mango flapjacks small
ma baker pecan flapjacks small
ma baker vegan coconut flapjacks small
ma baker golden syrup traditional flapjack small
ma baker coffee fudge flapjack small
ma baker pomegranate flapjack small size